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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 1, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news on this thursday, april 1st. >> critical count. the census ramps up today with the goal of the most accurate tally of americans ever. >> washed out. major links between new york and boston shut down. swollen rivers in the northeast days from returning to normal levels. >> and power struggle. new details of one of the church's worst sex abuse cases and the surprising role pope benedict may have played behind the scenes. good morning, thanks for being with us on this thursday, i'm jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm stephanie sy in for vinita nair. it is census day in america when every household is reminded
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to return their forms before census workers come knocking on your door. >> more than half of the forms have already been returned but that means a lot of counting yet to be done. t.j. winick has details from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and stephanie 48% of forms have not been returned so the president set an example filling out his form counting his wife and daughters plus his mother-in-law who also lives at the white house. the $15 billion census program is meant to get an accurate count of the nation's population and its racial makeup among other data. starting next month a census worker will visit each address that got a form but didn't mail it back, a time consuming but important step becse the census doesn't just determine the number of representatives in congress it also determines how federal dollars are spent. >> it's been estimated that something like $1400 per person is at stake. so, you know, add up the number of the people in your community that don't get counted in the sen discuss and multh ply that
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by $1400. that's what you're losing. >> reporter: a waves are filled with messages about the census some aimed at latinos as some refuse to respond for fear of doing deported which will not happen but employing big name stars like eva longoria and dora the explorer. a new poll out nine in ten latinos plan to fill out the form, replacement forms will be mail out to those household has have not returned one yet. officials are hoping the second mailing will help get a more accurate count than ten years ago. jeremy and stephanie. >> thanks, t.j. a major debate has been touched off by the president's call for gas and oil drilling off the u.s. coast. mr. obama says the decision is a compromise between protecting the nation's natural resources and energy independence. members of his own party are denouncing the decision while it's about being supported by some republicans. >> this is thought a decision that i've made lightly but the
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bottom line is this, we are going to need to harness traditional sources of fuel even as we ramp up production of new sources of renewable homegrown energy. >> sarah palin offered a skeptical assessment on twitter saying that the president's goal is to "cram through a job-killing, energy-depleting, burdensome cap and tax scheme on the heels of a pro-drilling message." now to the flood zone which stretches across large densely populated sections of the northeast and new england. the rain may have stopped but soaked regions are days away from drying out. ron claiborne is in rhode island but the danger extends far beyond. >> reporter: in new hampshire, a dramatic rescue of a 16-year-old boy who clung to a tree for an hour after being trapped in floodwaters riding his bicycle. he suffered hypothermia. in rhode island, another rescue, a security guard taken by raft from the warwick mall, a sprawling shopping complex
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that looked like an island. across the street alan defusco was fighting to save his home. >> reporter: two main arteries between new york city and boston were severed by the flooding. i-95 was closed near providence, and amtrak shut down train service. there were more mandatory evacuations in rhode island and some voluntary ones too. >> there's fish in my basement. fish in my basement right now. >> reporter: the water went right to the door? ronnie was lucky. the pawtuxet river was at his front door before pulling back. >> i opened my screen door, seen my recycling bin floating by the door. >> reporter: it will be days before the flooding ends. swollen creeks and streams still need to flow out through the big rivers which will keep them at flood level until all that excess water flows into the ocean. >> we've had about as much moisture in the month of march as we would get in half of a year.
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six months of rain all compressed into one month. it's too much to handle. >> reporter: it is much too early to tally the costs of this once in a 100-year flood but it will surely be huge. businesses crippled or wiped out, homes damaged or destroyed. urged to conserve water and power. the 1 million residents are being urged to conserve water and power because some power stations and water treatment plants are underwater too. ron claiborne, abc news, west warwick, rhode island. a u.n. conference on the rebuilding of haiti has resulted in pledges of over $5 billion. the money will go to the earthquake ravaged country over the next two years. they're going to need every dime. the rainy season starts today and more than a million are homeless som2 1/2 months after the quake. lots of personal donations remain to be spent. the 23 charities we've budget tracking still have nearly $588 million in donations that have not been put to use. a federal judge has ruled that warrantless wiretaps approved by president bush after 9/11 were illegal.
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the program allowed government investigators to listen in on the conversations between private citizens and suspected terrorists. the ruling is not just a blow for the former administration but also for president obama who has tried to keep the controversial program a secret. accused ft. hood gunman major nidal hasan is being moved from a hospital to a jail cell. doctors are discharging hasan after he was injured in november's deadly shooting. he's been charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder. well, it looks like more healthy homegrown food is heading to the white house dinner table. first lady michelle obama replanted her popular garden on the south lawn with the help of 40 schoolchildren and said last year's garden triggered a national conversation on healthy eating. it also produced about a thousand pounds of food. not too bad. tasty stuff and they're in for another round of that. now for this morning's weather from around the nation. up to a foot of snow in the central rockies today. showers from the dakotas and nebraska down to the desert
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southwest. leftover rain along the pacific coast. up to 6 inches of snow? the mountains outside los angeles and gusty winds in the southern plains. much warmer than normal across the eastern halof the country. 80s in omaha, kansas city and dallas. 70s from the twin cities to detroit. 69 in new york and 75 in baltimore. much cooler out west. just 42 in salt lake city, 47 in boise and 61 in phoenix. and up next, holy thursday is under way at the vatican where there is a new twist to one of cases of sexual abuse involving a priest at the highest levels of the church. new video just in from highest levels of the church. new video just in from australia.
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welcome back. the government is releasg a report tomorrow that is expected to show businesses started hiring again in march but a separate report is raising some doubts this morning. it finds private sector employers slashed 23,000 jobs in march. the decline was the smallest in two years but forecasters had been expecting companies to add 40,000 jobs. the biggest losers were the construction industry and factories. overseas stock markets are up across the board this morning. tokyo's nikkei average rose 1.4% today. hong kong's hang seng is higher. in london the ftse opened higher. on wall street the dow slipped 50 points yesterday and the nasdaq lost almost 13 points. the federal reserve has ended its single biggest program to prop up our economy. the central bank has stopped buying mortgage-backed securities as part of its $1.25
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trillion program. the program is credited with holding mortgage rates near record lows and slowing the decline in home prices. many private investors are now buying these securities so rates are not expected to surge. well, american airlines and jetblue have formed a partnership to offer passengers connection to flights in and out of new york and boston. american customers will be able to book nonstop flights from jfk and boston to 18 domestic likeses that jetblue serves and jetblue passengers will be able to connect to 12 of american's international desty nations. last month the city of topeka changed its name to google in an attempt to get the company to build a super fast broadband network there. well now google is returning the favor changing its name to topeka. so from now on we won't google someone we'll topeka them. interesting timing by the way for this big change. april 1st. i wonder if the calendar has anything to do with it. >> yes, i think so.
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ahead on this thursday police investigate another suicide by a bullied teenager. >> and a spring training surprise. a slugger hits one into the surprise. a slugger hits one into the stands and you won't belie
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take take a look at that. firefighters in phoenix had a tough time putting out an inferno that swept through a warehouse full of wooden palettes. they did not have enough water and winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour. 100 firefighters eventually did bring the blaze under control. those high winds could challenge drivers as they shift to the southern plains today. expect snow-covered roads in the central rockies. wet on i-5 from dag to seattle and closures on i-95 and other flooded roads in rhode island. if you're flying today, expect airport delays in san francisco, salt lake city, las vegas, phoenix and denver.
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also kansas city, dallas and houston. turning now overseas to the vatican and the catholic church surrounded by a sex abuse scandal. as its holy week activities get under way. >> pope benedict is participating in a holy thursday mass this morning. his spokesman said yesterday that he sees the ongoing scandal as a test for himself and for the church. >> and we have new details this morning about how benedict dealt with one particular priest who faced allegations of misconduct during the time before benedict was pope. here's brian ross. >> reporter: for a years despite repeated allegations that father marciel had sexually abused young men pope john paul ii continued to call him a leader. >> he was a revered figure in the vatican. he also had the advantage of being the greatest fund-raiser of the modern church. >> reporter: he was the founder of a little-known but well financed catholic order called
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the legionaries of christ. the story was first broken in 1997 and it was tracked as a decades long trail of cash and gifts to top vatican officials from him. >> i think in behindsight it was clear that he was trying to protect himself. >> reporter: when the vatican received allegations against him, it touched off what appears to have been a high-level power struggle between the vatican's secretary of state and then cardinal joseph ratzinger, now pope benedict. his group now operates in the united states and 23 other countries with its well-manicured headquarters located in rome just a few miles from the vatican. it was here at this seminary and others that he was alleged to have molested some of the young men under his control as seminarians going back to the 1950s.
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barry says both pope john paul ii and the vatican secretary of state cardinal angelo sedano emerged as his protectors and cardinal ratzinger became increasingly convinced that it was turning into a huge liability for the vatican. >> so he broke ranks with cedano, broke roongs with the pope and ordered an investigation of him by a crannen lawyer on his staff. >> reporter: a year after he began the investigation, cardinal ratzinger had become pope benedict and a year later he forced him out of the legionaries of christ although he did not defrock him, strip him of his priestley powerers. he died in 2008 and since then more of the details of his astounding deception and sordid double life have become known. he fathered a daughter with one of his mistresses in mexico. two men have gone public on a mexican radio station to claim
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they are the sons of him. one claiming he was actually sexual abused by his father. pope benedict has one last big decision to make about the group, whether to disband the order altogether. vatican spokesperson says a decision on that is expected in the coming months. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> and brian will have more on him and the pope later on "good morning america." well, it was a rough landing for hundreds of passengers aboard a qantas airlines jet. two tires on the double decker a380 were damaged as it touched down sending sparks and smoke flying. passengers watched it on the video monitors. the plane could not taxi to the gate. the airline said passengers were never in danger. bullying may have led another teenager to take his life. this time in texas. 13-year-old jon carmichael hanged himself over the weekend
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in his family's barn. now a fellow student who case carmichael was his friend said he's sorry for picking on the boy. >> there are things i have done to him. i just wish i could take it back. but, you know, now that's gone, i can't do anything about it. >> earlier this week 19 nine teenagers in massachusetts were charged in the bullying-related suicide of a fellow student there. former first lady barbara bush is back home this morning after a four-day stay in a houston hospital. doctors say the 84-year-old wife of the first president bush likely suffered a mild relapse of grave's disease. the men's hoops team from duke, michigan state and the other two are in for the final four. butler is already there. as for last night's action here is anish shroff. >> good morning. the cavaliers and lakers in a race for the best record in the nba. that means home court advantage throughout the playoffs. cleveland in action wednesday
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night. cavs taking on the bucks at the q. cleveland, 32-4 home season. lebron is not bad. hits the long two, cleveland within one. mo williams played for milwaukee once, now a cav, finds the king and lebron gives the cavs a two-point lead. lebron, 23 points. 17-4 since they got john sal mons. 128 in the game. the bucks within one. now milwaukee down three. luke ridenour takes it over. they have won 10 of 11 now. kevin durant and the thunder taking on the celtics in boston. late in the game, thunder down 1. now they're up one. durant the step-back jumper. he hit 37 points. jeff green, he can play wing man. that's a three. the thunder take it, 109-104. and that does it for this espn
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news update. i'm anish shroff. now back to you in new york. >> thanks. now to a preseason foul ball that major league baseball will never forget. >> denard span was up at bat as his family looked on and span drove the ball into the stands, hit the woman right in the chest. it turns out that woman happened to be his mother. span jumped into the stands as paramedics examined his mom. span's mom was well enough to watch the rest of the game. later span tweeted "my mom is feeling okay." >> he owes her a seat in a luxury box after that. >> at the very least. well up next the stories that will be making ne today. in detroit it's demolition day, the start of the radical revitalization of the city. as we look again live at the vatican, holy thursday for christians around the world. at cousin everett's blueberry farm to talk about our blueberry juice drinks. they're made with my sweet, ripe blueberries,
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we'll be watching on this thursday. it's national census day with the government urging people to complete their census forms and mail them back. about half of the forms mailed out have already been returned. a stretch of i-95 could re-open after the worst flooding in rhode island in 200 years. amtrak trains suspended because of water on the tracks may also resume service. but floodwaters across new england are expected to stick around for days. president obama looks for some more public support today for the health reform legislation as he visits portland, maine. later he'll attend two democratic fund-raisers in boston. detroit begins tearing down the first of thousands of abandoned homes this morning. late last night the mayor there released a list of 1,000 addresses soon to be visited by the wrecking ball. it's part of a plan to downsize the struggling city. and christians around the world are marking holy thursday. pope benedict has participated in a mass at the vatican already this morning. believes the sex abuse scandal
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is a test for the church and for himself. for some of you your local news is next. >> for everyone else "america this morning" continues after this. be good to your heart?
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this is great. the magic's in the mix. well, finally just two days to go before you get your hand on apple's next big thing, the
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ipad. >> apple is promising to wrap your computer, e-mail books and magazines into one small device you can hold in the palm of your hand. abc's neal karlinsky got a sneak peek. >> reporter: they've never had a private showing of the ipad. >> i can transpose the keyboard. >> reporter: this is the first glimpse since the device was announced. even apple employees haven't gotten this close. all the while apple reps tote the otherwise secret ipads around in a padded black case like spies on a mission. >> so do you love this ipad? >> reporter: the hype over the ipad is already in overdrive. the all in one half inch thick device will go head to head with amazon's popular kindle in the growing e-book market. amazon is so far dominated e-books and the company company is worried about the ipad which comes with its own book store and the ability to surf the internet, play movies and more.
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>> apple is famous for its ability to keep new products secret. that doesn't just include the general public. it turns out many companies developing apps for it still haven't gotten their hands on it rt of a huge new industry born e from apple's coattails. >> we have 900 people in the organization working on iphone, ipod touch and ipad games in the span of 18 mohs. >> reporter: those really add up. take gill wong. a stanford professor who came up with a flute-like instrument for the iphone two years ago. the idea sold millions. >> i think one thing not to be underestimated is really kind of the critical mass and the scale of mobile devices. >> reporter: whether the ipad is a hit or not, new businesses are already banking on it and the competition is worried. neal karlinsky, abc news, los angeles.


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